Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reception search...and which Church?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time online looking at different venues. So, this weekend we should be seeing a few (I hope it does not snow!).

I also have a new approach to the vendor search. Instead of just focusing on the short list and wanting to see the place to see if I am in love with it (who has time for this anyway?!), I am just at the point of emailing and calling to find prices. Oh, and if someone emails me back, they get a "+1" because it is so much easier than having to deal with personal calls during the work day.

So, I already received a few responses with menu options. And, how did I respond? Asking if they could do something for a cheaper price to stay within our budget. Surprisingly, most came back with a revised menu!! Now, I am not saying I like the revised menu...but I am happy to see people actually are willing to work with you.

The location of the reception is one of the hardest things now. I want a place with windows, high ceilings and pretty decor. I want this place to have delicious food, and very glowing reviews from previous brides and guests. I would LOVE this also to be a place close to Downtown Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan, just because the Church I want to get married is in that vicinity. But so far.....that is not looking to good.

How do brides pick where they will have the ceremony? Based on the reception site? or do they travel far distances?

We plan to have a Catholic ceremony, so we need to get married in a Church. Yesterday I saw a few nice-looking reception sites that were located on Long Island. Now, originally I was VERY against looking at Long Island because I thought they all looked the same. But, some on the south shore are very beautiful -- and the prices are much more affordable than a Manhattan wedding. So, we will probably take a look at some soon. But, where does that leave the Church?

The distance between the Church I want to marry in and these LI reception sites can be 2-hours in traffic. That is just too much!

What is the farthest you will travel between a Church and a reception?


  1. Did you check out the Riviera in Brooklyn? Also, there's the Grand Prospect Hall. I can't really say that the reception halls in Queens thrill me, but Leornards is sort of border line queens/LI and it is pretty nice there {big ceilings, good food}. If you do happen to venture out to LI, Jericho Terrace is also a great choice, they have a really good reputation. Good Luck, you will soon find a place! :-)

  2. I am trying desperately to find a place where we can do ceremony and reception in the same place ... we shall see, I guess. Good luck venue hunting :)